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Metal Cleaning & Powder Coating

If you want to refurbish metal and steel parts, pieces, and objects, Williamson Ocean is the company to call. With 25 years in the powder coating fabrication and manufacturing industry, you can trust that your metal surfaces will last for years to come.

Durable, Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly

Powder coating metal and steel is a great way to reinforce your surfaces while protecting them from damaging elements. Easily customize by choosing from a variety of colors and finishes available at our facility.

How It Works

Step 1: Sandblasting – Sandblasting is also known as abrasive blast cleaning. Sandblasting is an extremely important part of the process because it cleans metal surfaces, helping to remove any rust, while also preparing and priming the surface for high-performance powder coating.

Step 2: Apply Coating – Powder coating is a dry finishing process that’s also referred to as electrostatic spray deposition. This industrial paint application process is effective because it uses electrostatically charged resin powder that is melted and bonded onto the desired surface. This is a simple and environmentally friendly process.

Committed To Your Satisfaction

We stand by and guarantee our work. For more information or for an estimate on your powder coating service, call Ogden and Provo’s most trusted powder coating fabrication company at 801-565-8000.

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